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The Twitter Archive

 A lot of my analysis is posted on Twitter but never becomes a fully fledged blog post. This post will act as an archive of my earlier work which will hopefully be more accessible and readable than scrolling a year or more back on my Twitter profile.
Recent posts

Velocity Vulnerability

 Which pitchers have the most to lose if they drop a few ticks?

Don't Let Opposing Hitters See the Same Reliever Too Many Times, Especially in the Postseason.

Here I show how relief pitchers get significantly worse results when hitters see them on multiple occasions in a short time period.

Predicting Hit Distances & Investigating Changes to the Ball in 2021

How did the baseball change in 2021? 

Custom Pitch Stuff Grades

  I've made an app allowing anyone to see what my models think of any hypothetical pitch.

A PitchingBot Overhaul

This is a post to describe various updates to my pitch quality models.

An attempt to measure catcher game-calling or: Why Sandy Leon is great

I was browsing Twitter a while ago and came across a couple of tweets which discussed the unquantifiability of catcher game-calling and I took that as a challenge.