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PitchingBot - An Overview

PitchingBot is a model I have made to evaluate pitch quality from the characteristics of the pitch alone. This post goes through the details of making and testing PitchingBot before giving some topic ideas for future posts which will use the model. 

Introduction to the blog

 Hi everyone, This blog is a place for my thoughts and writings on sabermetrics and baseball analysis. I'll mainly be exploring predictions from my machine learning based pitch evaluation model, PitchingBot , but there will be a sprinkling of analysis on other baseball topics which happen to pique my interest. I intend to occasionally make apps to go along with these blog posts, allowing people to explore the data for themselves. Hopefully this sounds interesting to those reading. If you have any feedback or questions that you think could be answered using PitchingBot then put them in the comments or find me on twitter here . Thanks! Cameron